Counselling Sessions

Although many counsellors provide their services online, over the telephone and across Zoom, I much prefer to offer support face-to-face. Clients who have accessed face-to-face sessions report that this approach allows for a stronger, deeper therapeutic relationship to develop.

From my tranquil, discreet office in Frogpool, Cornwall, you will be made to feel at ease and comfortable from the moment you book a session.

Offering counselling sessions face-to-face allows me to build an intimate therapeutic connection with each of my clients, which is essential for building trust and rapport.  Being in the same room with a client allows me to observe and respond to nonverbal cues, which can provide important information about a client’s present emotional state.

I trained as a Person Centred counsellor, which is usually referred to as talking therapy.  This modality and my quiet, safe therapeutic space provide an environment for a client to openly talk about what they are finding difficult, in a confidential setting.  As a trained counsellor, I will hold the space for you to explore your feelings and emotions whilst carefully listening.  This process helps my clients find their own answers, in a non-judgemental environment. 

Face-to-face enables me to work organically, meaning I can customise a session to suit a client’s specific needs and preferences, this often brings about better results as a client is able to engage in ways which supports a  better understanding of themselves

Overall, face-to-face counselling is an effective approach, allowing clients to discuss and achieve their goals with a counsellor who holds no biases.