About Me

Having enjoyed my 15 years in a varied HR career, I always knew that one day I would eventually move into the world of mental health. Counselling has always interested me from very early on, but I never quite felt like it was the right time to train.

Fast forward four and a half years of training, and I can finally say I am a qualified counsellor! The journey hasn’t always been easy, there were moments where I questioned whether I was good enough, coupled with thoughts of how on earth can an over 50-year-old possibly enter the higher education arena. As a mature learner, it became evident that I could offer a depth of experience that enriched the learning for both myself and my peers. My training has further enhanced my capabilities by providing me with specialised knowledge, evidence-based techniques, and practical tools tailored to promote healing and growth.

Since qualifying and setting up my private practice, I feel proud and privileged to have an ever-growing client list. Operating from a purpose-built therapy room, set in the countryside, I can offer a peaceful and tranquil setting for my clients to explore what has led them to embark on their therapy journey.

Over time, my therapy style has been carefully crafted and developed to ensure it effectively meets the diverse needs of individuals in therapy. Through ongoing
learning, reflection and hands-on experience, I’ve honed my approach to create a therapeutic environment that is supportive, empowering and tailored to each individuals unique circumstances.

Central to my therapy style is the belief in the importance of establishing a genuine and trusting therapeutic relationship. I strive to create a safe and nonjudgemental space where individuals feel comfortable in expressing themselves and exploring their thoughts, feelings and experience. Flexibility and adaptability are key aspects of my therapy style, as I recognise that everyone is unique, and what works for one person, may not necessarily work for another.

Ultimately, my aim is to empower individuals to tap into their own strengths and resources, develop coping strategies, whilst fostering positive changes that lead to
an improved feeling of well-being. By offering a personalised and holistic approach to therapy, I support individuals in achieving their therapeutic goals to living more meaningful and authentic lives.